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Aura Mists by Muses Of Mystery

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WITCHES Aura Mist  - A light lemongrass blend to lift the spirits and clear the aura. 

SHAMANIC FLORIDA WATER Aura Mist - A special blend of bergamot, lavender & Clove to clear the aura. Suitable for healing and shamanic work. 

HUNA Aura Mist - Inspired by the spirits of Hawaii. An uplifting blend or sweet orange and jasmine.

DARK GODDESS Aura Mist - A dark and cleansing mist suitable for dark goddess work. 

APHRODITE PASSION Mist - A light floral blend that inspires the feelings of love and harmony. 

MAGUS Mist - A masculine wood and earthy blend. 

MOON MAGICK Mist - A blend inspired by the magick of the moon. Use during times when the moon inspires. 

ARTEMIS Mist - To ground, calm and focus

FAST MONEY Mist - Spray around your office or shop or yourself to raise energy and attract customers and money to you!

SACRED SMUDGE MIST - A special blend of sage and other cleansing oils. Use anywhere when the smoke of smudging is not an option. 


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